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Hotter Than Hell! - Ben Nuthink


May 31, 2019 , , , , Comments are off

Recently I had the pleasure of doing a guest spot at Hotter Than Hell Tattoo in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, Scotland.  Both the shop and its owner, Jeff ‘JFK’ Kohl are typical of what I love about old school tattoo shops.  Every wall of the studio is covered with tattoo flash, wrestling and rock music memorabilia (a goddamn Kiss pinball machine!) and amazing artwork from a slew of great tattooists from all over the world.

If the walls of the shop don’t tell you a thousand stories then Jeff himself certainly can.  Not backwards in coming forwards and by no means the shy and retiring type, Jeff has many fun and often crazy tales from his over 30 year tattooing career.  During my stay there I got to do a few pretty cool tattoos.  Check ‘em out!